Empowering Mobile SWIR Imaging with Cutting-Edge CQD Sensor Technology

DURHAM, NC, January 22, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — SWIR Vision Systems, a leader in short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) imaging technology, proudly introduces the Acuros GO 6 MP SWIR camera, a groundbreaking handheld mirrorless camera featuring the company’s high-resolution Colloidal Quantum Dot SWIR sensor technology.

The Acuros GO provides users with unprecedented flexibility, portability, and performance for diverse imaging applications and markets including defense, law enforcement, first responder applications, agricultural imaging, industrial vision, scientific, and consumer photography.

The SWIR capabilities of the Acuros GO make it valuable for imaging through degraded visual environments such as rain, snow, haze, smog, smoke, and dust. The reduced atmospheric scattering of SWIR photons enables exceptional long-range imaging, allowing photographers to capture sweeping panoramas and immersive vistas. By combining the camera’s broad spectral response with optical filters, the camera can be used for detecting and imaging moisture, sugar content, hydrocarbons, and other infrared chemical signatures.

The Acuros GO is a ruggedized, IP67-rated camera with a mirrorless design, offering versatility and durability for on-the-go imaging needs.

Key Features of the Acuros GO 6 MP Mirrorless Camera include:
• 3064 x 2040 pixel resolution using the new 7µm pitch Acuros CQD sensor
• Broadband spectral sensitivity from 400 nm to 1700 nm
• Battery powered operation
• Global snapshot shutter design with video frame rates of 30 fps
• Digital shutter speeds up to 1/100,000 (10 us) to capture high-speed events without motion blur
• Automatic Gain Control (AGC), Auto Exposure (AE), and dynamic sensor calibrations (NUCs) for high-quality image capture across various light intensities and environmental conditions

Ethan Klem, SWIR Vision’s Chief Technology Officer commented, “The Acuros GO brings portable infrared imaging to vision professionals and photography enthusiasts looking to leverage the capabilities of near and shortwave infrared imaging.”

For more information about the Acuros GO 6 MP SWIR Camera and SWIR Vision Systems’ CQD sensor technology, please visit www.swirvisionsystems.com/acuros-go-camera/.

About SWIR Vision Systems – SWIR Vision Systems (www.swirvisionsystems.com), a North Carolina-based company, has pioneered the development and introduction of high-definition, Colloidal Quantum Dot (CQD) infrared image sensor technology for infrared cameras, delivering breakthrough sensor capability. Imaging in the short wavelength IR has become critical for key applications within industrial, defense systems, mobile phones, and autonomous vehicle markets. To learn more about our Acuros Cameras and quantum dot imaging, go to https://www.swirvisionsystems.com/products/.


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