You’ve probably already used Uber or Lyft in lieu of a traditional taxi ride, and there are countless delivery apps offering to bring everything from Chinese takeout to diapers right to your home. Now, that same on-demand approach to modern-day convenience has entered the real estate world with the introduction of ArriveHome. Here’s what you need to know about this new player on the RE scene and how it might help you add to your commission advance. Need more information on what is a commission advance?

What Is ArriveHome?

What if prospective homebuyers had a timely, user-friendly way to connect with real estate agents and view properties without waiting for a ccallback The days of buyers playing futile games of phone tag only to find out their dream home has been snapped up by someone else may soon be over. ArriveHome is an app that allows users to find real-time locations of agents using an integrated map. The user simply taps on a home, selects an agent who’s nearby and views the property almost immediately. The app also supports users’ ability to communicate with their existing agent, increasing efficiency for parties on both sides.

In addition to the live map, ArriveHome includes profiles on participating agents so buyers can check up on reviews and even watch agent videos before making their final selection. The listings themselves are uploaded directly from the MLS, so properties are up-to-date and populated with the same details you’d get from other industry sites and apps.

Solving an Industry-Wide Problem

When calls, emails and texts start pouring in, do you have someone to weed through the inquiries and decide who’s serious and who isn’t? It takes a lot of manpower to qualify leads, which is probably why one study found that 62 percent of brokerages never responded to Facebook leads, and 40 percent ignored their website leads altogether. Only 12 percent of brokerages replied within a 5-minute time frame, and many took a full day to generate a response. In the meantime, buyers are looking for other, more accessible agents, and you’re watching your competitors reap the rewards.

Apps like ArriveHome empower agents to answer in-app messages in between listing appointments and client meetings. If you have free time, you can list yourself as available and pick up another showing. It saves time, it saves resources and it increases your visibility while slotting in neatly with whatever scheduling demands you already have in place.

What Does ArriveHome Mean for Your Commission Advance?

The more you sell, the bigger your potential commission advance can be, and ArriveHome certainly seems like a promising way to widen your circle and connect with more buyers. Being available for on-demand viewings puts you in an ideal position to expand your client network and close more deals. For a low monthly rate (as of this writing, fees are location-dependent and range from $19.99 to $39.99 per month), you’re granted access to a branding opportunity and what could very well be a steady stream of shoppers.

For some Commission Express Reviews

Anything that helps streamline communication and makes it easier for buyers to connect with hungry, service-oriented real estate agents seems like a good idea. Whether it works in practice is up to you. ArriveHome is still in limited use; it was launched in Colorado in 2017 and only recently branched out to California and Arizona. It may take some time for the startup to reach your market and impact your commission advance (the company has big plans for the app and a new, fully searchable website in 2018), but this tool could very well be worth the wait.

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