La Jolla estate jeweler Carl Blackburn says now is the time to sell a used Rolex watch for a higher cash price.

SAN DIEGO, CA, May 08, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — C. Blackburn Jewelers (La Jolla) is seeing increased demand for vintage Rolex watches in San Diego. “While there is always a strong interest in certain Rolex watches, like early models of the Submariner and the Rolex Daytona, we are seeing increased demand for many other Rolexes, regardless of the model or reference number.”

Due to this increased demand, C. Blackburn Jewelers is encouraging San Diegans who have a Rolex watch to visit their estate jewelry store for a free market appraisal and cash offer — as now is one of the best time in years to sell an old Rolex.

“We get a mix of different Rolex watch buyers and sellers to our La Jolla jewelry store,” says Blackburn. “There are serious Rolex collectors who have been my clients for years, and are on my speed-dial whenever a rare Rolex becomes available. Then, there are the sellers who aren’t that interested in luxury watches, but one way or another have come to own a Rolex watch and want to sell it for a fair price.”

According to Blackburn, it’s the latter that must take special care when selling a Rolex to a San Diego watch buyer. Since Rolexes are the most popular luxury watch, many jewelry stores will offer to buy an old Rolex, even though they don’t ordinarily deal in vintage timepieces.

But to get the best possible price for a Rolex watch, sellers should seek the help of a San Diego watch buyer with years of experience buying and selling used Rolex timepieces, as well as watches from other elite watchmakers like Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Panerai.

It is these watch buyers who have a clear understanding of a Rolex’s market value. They’ll also have established resale connections with watch collectors and others who are actively seeking to buy a vintage Rolex watch.

“When I buy a customer’s Rolex, I’ll be selling it directly to a waiting collector,” says Blackburn. “Or I’ll be placing it in one of my store’s showcases — as I regularly have shoppers drop in looking to buy a vintage Rolex, both men’s and women’s models.”

“What I won’t be doing,” adds Blackburn, “is immediately selling the Rolex to another reseller, because that would mean having to pay less money to the original Rolex owner who trusts me to offer them the best possible price.”

Carl Blackburn advises Rolex sellers to contact several different San Diego estate jewelers who specialize in buying luxury timepieces; send them a few photos of your Rolex; and ask for a preliminary appraisal over the phone. Then decide which buyer feels right for an in-person visit and final cash offer.

“Whether you are selling a Rolex watch or a Tiffany diamond ring, you want to choose the buyer who during that first contact made you feel relaxed and comfortable, answered clearly your questions, and inspired your trust,” says Blackburn.

“If two initial cash offers aren’t too far apart, always meet with the jeweler who “feels right” to you — because 9 times out of 10, they’ll end up paying you the most money when you bring in your item.”


C. Blackburn Jewelers is an estate jewelry store and the studio of San Diego jewelry designer Carl Blackburn. Located in La Jolla By the Sea, the boutique store buys and sells vintage and antique jewelry and luxury watches. It also offers custom-made engagement rings and bridal jewelry. Call 858-251-3006 to set up an appointment.

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