“KJ” brings the energy and grace to welcome the world to our growing city

LAS VEGAS, NV, March 06, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Kara Jenkins, known to our community as “KJ,” a dedicated advocate for inclusivity, accessibility, and non-partisanship, has officially submitted her candidacy paperwork to the Clark County Elections Office for the upcoming Las Vegas mayoral election.

KJ, known for her grassroots approach, has generated considerable interest and momentum as she embarks on a mission to redefine leadership in Las Vegas. The candidate envisions a city that embraces diversity and unity, where every resident’s voice is not just heard but actively included in the decision-making process.

Kara has been hard at work since 2021 meeting residents, business owners and decision makers to hear their hopes for our fast-growing city and the community has taken notice – Kara has an instagram following larger than all the other candidates combined and filed an impressive first campaign finance report showing families and local businesses believe in her and want to see her win.

Kara’s consistent commitment is to rolling out Las Vegas’s famous red carpet, symbolizing a warm welcome not only to visitors but, more importantly, to the local community.

With a focus on grassroots engagement, she aims to ensure that the unique needs and aspirations of Las Vegas locals take center stage – not old school politics as usual.

KJ is the only true non-partisan candidate in the race. “I’m not beholden to partisan politics” boldly states Kara, “My party is Las Vegas!”

“I believe in a Las Vegas where everyone, regardless of background or affiliation, has a stake in our future. My candidacy is rooted in inclusivity and accessibility, and together, we’ll build a city that thrives on unity,” stated KJ.

Known for her energy and dedication, Kara boldly asserts her readiness for three terms, emphasizing her commitment to long-term, impactful leadership. She is the ideal representative to welcome the world to Las Vegas, embodying the spirit of the city with a fresh perspective.

Kara is resolute in her promise to refocus the city’s priorities on its residents, emphasizing a renewed commitment to addressing the local issues that matter most – notably, KJ has publicly committed that as Mayor she’ll use her platform to call for any multimillion dollar event held in our city submit a meaningful community engagement plan that directly provides benefit to our workers, environment, students and local businesses – starting with Formula 1. Kara aims to create a sense of community pride and involvement, making Las Vegas a city that not only entertains but truly cares for its own.

Kara invites the people of Las Vegas to join her in shaping a future that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and a renewed dedication to the well-being of the local community. Follow along at @Kara4LVMayor.

Kara Jenkins—affectionately known by colleagues and friends as “KJ”—has been a public servant of the state of Nevada for over 10 years under Governors Brian Sandoval, Steve Sisolak and, currently, Joe Lombardo.

At present, she proudly serves as the Administrator to the Nevada Equal Rights Commission. A proud HBCU grad, KJ is lawyer by education and a Harvard Kennedy School of Government alumna.

KJ specializes in mediation and conflict resolution. Finding commonality and creative ways to build bridges is her passion and life’s work. KJ has extensive experience in executive oversight of government programs and has built a career around her calling to serve.

Visit www.Kara4LVMayor.com

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