Binary options trading have always been a high risk, high return game. But the NEO2 trading app has taken trading in Binary options to a whole new level altogether.

There are aplenty of websites and firms offering their services in the binary trading options. But the majority of these services are scams and have bogus auto bots and totally lack integrity.


After using NEO2 app for a quite some time before doing the review, all indications point towards the fact that this is no scam and that the traders and the users using this software have nothing to worry about. NEO2 Software has taken a scientific and statistically sound point of view towards the market investments and algorithms for trading.

Continue reading this Neo2 Software review and you yourself can decide whether NEO2 auto trading app is worthwhile and different from the pack or just another elaborate scam.

NEO2 software was built after several months of incredulous amount of work and efforts put in by the 4 people who had set out to create the most advanced binary trading algorithm that ever existed: Jack Piers, William Van Loon, Michael Freeman and Amit Gupta.

They are four respectable professionals who came together combining their knowledge in their respective domains to develop an automatic trading software and algorithm that has completely altered the way binary trading has been done in the past.

The NEO2 Trading App also sometimes referred to as the NEO2 Squared Auto Trader brings together a wide range of variables including weather and environmental factors which affect underlying commodities but are usually ignored by the other contemporary auto trading algorithms. has been designed in such a way as to analyse the global and local weather patterns to gauge its effect on the commodity markets. Although sounding a bit farfetched, it actually isn’t that complicated, but rather a brilliant thought put into implementation by sheer genius. If you come to think about it, many factors like elections, wars, natural disasters, corporate advancements and even climate change causes multiple ripple effects in the Earth and its related traded commodities. So it isn’t that absurd. NEO2 is the first binary trading software to have envisaged the possibility of integrating solar patterns and environmental predictions with financial investments and predict the future states.

NEO2 Software Trading App set out with 2 very clear objectives:

One, to develop an extremely user friendly software and trading platform which can be easily used even by the first time traders. And the second was to minimise the risk and the loss making investments of the traders while maximising the profit by fine tuning their algorithm.

The result was Amit Gupta’s programming skills created an unmatched user interface so simple even for novices combined with Freeman’s trading algorithms presenting an unseen software with a top of the class algorithm. The Scientific Approach of Dr. Jack Piers and the fiscal assistance by Mr William Van Loon have added to this perfect combination which is reflected by the ever increasing sales and the ever expanding user base of the NEO2 auto trading app.

Although there are plans in the pipeline for monetizing the service in the near future, currently, users can now enjoy all the services completely free of any charge with the initial minimum investment being $250.


There are tons of binary trading options websites crawling up from each and every corner of the internet, mainly due its popularity. However, one look at their website is enough whether the service is a scam or genuine. Most of them use Fiverr actors to record and post bogus reviews of apps and how they made thousands of dollars in a single day due to the particular service.

On the contrary, on the NEO2 Software page, you will find no such bogus claims and all the widgets and other functionalities mentioned there including Auto-Pilot mode are fully operational and well worth. NEO2 has till now very efficiently stayed away from going in the downwards path of false promises, fake actors, hollow guarantees or pushy and tactics in order for a favourable outcome.

The rising popularity of NEO2 trading app is a witness to the fact that it is not one of those scams, but rather a genuine binary trading option which can help you earn close to $3500 per week.